European Master's Program in Computational Logic


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You can contact the EMCL Secretary via email

Application and Admission

If you fulfill the study requirements you may apply for the European Master's Program in Computational Logic (EMCL). Female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. Please consider that the whole procedure consists of two parts which are explained in detail in the sections Online Application Procedure and Admission Procedure below. We accept applications sent via our online system, only.

Restriction regarding the Erasmus Mundus scholarship program

There are no Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus grants available for the EMCL program starting in October 2016!

Online Application Procedure

You must use the online application system and up load the required documents. The online application system is available from 10 January until 31 May. Additionally, you must online register at TUD . This considers Non-German students and German students.

Required Documents

  1. EMCL-Application form (the completed and signed form should be sent by mail in case of admission, only)
  2. TUD online registration form (the completed and signed TUD registration form for Non-German students and German students must be be sent by mail)
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Letter of motivation
  5. Copy of passport
  6. Reports on university examinations (transcripts)
  7. Diploma (first degree or bachelor degree). If the bachelor degree will only be available after the deadline for application, applicants are required to send us a PRELIMINARY certificate. This document must be signed and stamped by the home university and give the information when the studies will be finished and the final degree will be issued.
  8. Two recommendation letters
  9. English language certificate (preferably TOEFL- or IELTS-reports as it may be REQUESTED for the visa procedure!!).

    The following documents are not relevant for the evaluation of the application but must be sent in case of your final admission by mail:
  10. Higher Secondary School Certificate /Intermediate Examination Certificate.
  11. Dichiarazione di Valore (DV). This document is issued by the competent Italian diplomatic authorities in the country where the student received his/her bachelor degree. More information on this document will be provided by the International Relation Office of UNIBZ on enquiry (EMail: The DV document must be submitted after arrival at TUD at the beginning of October.
  12. For Chinese students: The original APS certificate. This document must by applied for to the German embassy in Peking at an early stage.
  13. For Vietnamese students: The original APS certificate. This document must by applied for to the German embassy in Hanoi at an early stage.

Admission Procedure

The evaluation of applications will be performed as specified in the regulations. See All About EMCL, Section Evaluation.
Students will be informed by email on the acceptance until 20 June.

If the joint commission has accepted you as candidate for the European Master's Program in Computational Logic you are requested to send THREE complete sets of the - above mentioned - required application documents (one originally certified copy and two duplicates) by MAIL ASAP to the following address:

EMCL Secretary
International Center for Computational Logic
Department of Computer Science
Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden
01062 Dresden

All copies of the original transcripts and degrees must be authenticated as true copies of the originals with a stamp and signature by an authorized institution (i. e. German embassy, consulate, public notary). The accuracy of the attached English translation of the documents must be confirmed.

If your documents comply with the formal requirements you will be admitted to the program and receive the official admission letters.