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4.17 Scholarship Scheme

  • Several scholarships from 1.840 EUR to 2.840 EUR are available, depending on the choice of the second year specialisation. Applications will be submitted by students once they have been assigned their second year stay.

  • The Free University of Bozen-Bolzano offers additional grants:
    Students may get a scholarship to do their second year project and/or their thesis at the nearby universities Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck, Austria, and Universita degli Studi di Trento, Italy.
    Citizens from the European Union, or non-EU citizens with residence in the province of Bozen-Bolzano for at least one year, can apply for a scholarship up to 5.400 EUR granted purely on the basis of the yearly income of the applicant and of her/his parents or husband/wife.
    Applications must be submitted to unibz!