European Master's Program in Computational Logic


This website is no longer being updated and may contain erroneous information! Registered students may contact the CL-secretary or the EMCL-coordinator for more information.

Important Dates

The EMCL program will not be offered any longer. However, applications to the local partner universities in Austria, Germany or Portugal are possible. Please consider the different deadlines!

What's New

22 April 2015

Master Thesis Defence by Ms Ximena Isabel Kumi Juarez Castro

Ms Ximena Isabel Kumi Juarez Castro defended her master thesis on ' A case study on intelligent data querying'.[more...]

25 February 2015

Best EMCL Thesis Award 2014

Mr Tobias Kaminski received the price for the best EMCL master thesis 2014 during the EMCL students workshop at NOVA in February 2015.[more...]

05 January 2015

EMCL Student Workshop 2015

The EMCL Student Workshop 2015 will take place at UNL on 18 and 19 February 2015.[more...]

11 November 2014

Master Thesis Defense by Mr Tobias Kaminski

Mr Tobias Kaminski defended his master thesis on 'Hybrid MKNF Knowledge Bases Under Paraconsistent Well-Founded Semantics'.[more...]

28 October 2014

Master Thesis Defence by Ms Itzel Vázquez Sandoval

Ms Itzel Vázquez Sandoval defended his master thesis on 'Automated Reasoning Support for Process Models using Action Languages'.[more...]