European Master's Program in Computational Logic


What's New from October 2017?

1. Update of the Module Structure 

The credits for the following basic modules will be changed:

EMCL-B-F (Foundations): 8 ECTS credits

EMCL-B-LCP (Logic and Constraint Programming): 8 ECTS credits

EMCL-B-P (Project): 12 ECTS credits

EMCL-B-CS (Communication Skills): 4 ECTS credits

EMCL-B-PS (Presentation Skills): 6 ECTS credits


The advanced modules will be updated as follows:

(New) EMCL-A-AI (Artificial Intelligence): 12 ECTS credits

(New) EMCL-A-FE (Free Electives): 12 ECTS credits

(New) EMCL-A-ML (Machine Learning): 12 ECTS credits

EMCL-A-CSE (Computer Science and Engineering) will not be offered any longer.


More information on the modules offered until Summer semester 2017 is provided here.


2. Reduced Tuition Fee

All students of our program must pay 450 EUR per semester. The tuition fee must be transferred to unibz. Students who start the program must additionally transfer the unibz social fee amount.